The junior Senator from Florida slapped up a post in The Corner on Iranian influence in the Western Hemisphere. All in all, it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t perfect either.

Specifically (and hardly of general consequence), I’m not sure I’d call Daniel Ortega a Chavez puppet – Ortega predated Chavez by over a decade, so odds are he still has a direct line to the Castro dynasty in Cuba.

More generally (and worryingly), Rubio acts as if the mullahcracy is doing this all on its own, without any backing. That I find very hard to believe. Tehran’s Khomeinists have had one firm ally over the last three decades – the Chinese Communist Party. Diplomatically, economically, and militarily, Zhongnanhai has supported the mullahs when no one else would.

The CCP has a long histoty of backing America’s enemies and hoping Americans don’t notice. Given the mullahs’ eagerness to take full “responsibility” for what they’re doing, the CCP-Khomeinist axis has been a huge success. In fact, only one prominent American politician has warned of the CCP building a global anti-American alliance (and that’s why I’m backing him for President).

So, while I’m glad to see Rubio is sounding the alarm on the Khomeinists, he shouldn’t ignore their allies in Beijing.

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