Truth be told, the USA Today piece is a very good sketch on the forced abortion scheme – and the web of corruption that preserves it and profits from it.

The hideous chemical burning of Pan Chunyan’s child (“because the whole body was black and the skin on the face had peeled”) would be enough for outrage, but this little gem of info should not go unnoticed:

Another reason why the policy will probably remain is the army of family planner bureaucrats nationwide who depend on its collateral benefit: It boosts their salaries. Authorities across China collect more than $3 billion a year from “out-of-policy” pregnancies, according to China Economic Weekly magazine. Many Chinese say that money winds up in the pockets of corrupt bureaucrats.

Wu Liangjie raised the $8,640 fee before his wife’s forced abortion, but his payment was not distributed in time to the several government agencies expecting a cut, he says. Since the child was never born, Wu is eligible for a refund, but only if he is sterilized.

This blood-money scheme was what Joe Biden claimed he “fully understood.”

Thankfully, there is a presidential candidate who truly understands this dangerous tyranny.

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