As the Stalinist regime of northern Korea continues its hair-raising rhetoric, its colonial masters have also been busy beefing up their military presence (IBT):

Chinese armed forces have been placed on high alert over the escalating tensions in the Korean Peninsula, US officials say.

Reports suggest that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops have been mobilised over fears of war breaking out in the region.

According to US officials quoted in the reports, the Chinese military has beefed up its presence especially in the border region with North Korea since mid-March, soon after Pyongyang stepped up its threats against South Korea and the US.

The Chinese navy has also conducted a live-firing naval drill in the Yellow Sea in close proximity to the Korean Peninsula.

Chinese forces in Jilin Province bordering North Korea have been mobilised and kept on “Level One” alert. Large groups of troops, along with tanks and armoured personnel carriers, have also been detected in the region near the Yalu River which divides China and North Korea.

Hardly anyone on this side of the Pacific has noticed this, but I think it could be a part of the Chinese Communist Party’s endgame.

Lest we forget, the CCP is in an unusual – and perhaps for them unexpected – bind. The American president – the fellow who is rapidly downshifting American power everywhere else in the world – has been upshifting it in eastern Asia. Meanwhile, electorates in Japan and South Korea went for the relatively more anti-Communist candidates in the past year.

Perhaps Zhongnanhai was hopeful that some saber-rattling by their colonists would move President Obama to go soft. Suffice to say, that hasn’t happened (BBC).

However, I have always felt the CCP had a double-game going. In effect, when the Korean tyranny stopped being useful, invade and annex it.

Lest that sound strange, keep in mind that the regime has already made a “historical” claim on northern Korea – exactly the kind of things used as an excuse to occupy Tibet and East Turkestan back in the day.

Of course, the rest of world might get rather upset at such irridentism – unless they were convinced the occupiers were replacing something much worse.

Hence, the CCP continues to let Pyongyang bluster…

…and they will continue to do so unless it becomes clear that the democratic world won’t be offering concessions to them. In which case, you might want to look for the military action to come from above Korea.