Bill Gertz (Washington Free Beacon via Washington Times) has an excellent piece on the Chinese Communist regime’s efforts to build alliances in Latin America in reaction to the president’s pivot toward the Pacific:

(John) Tkacik said those facilities are partly aimed at drawing American attention and easing U.S. geopolitical pressure in Asia.

China also is investing heavily in Africa, the Middle East, and Indian Ocean region.

“At bottom, however, China’s strategic targets are closer to home: East Asia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific,” Tkacik said. “That’s why Washington’s Pivot to the Pacific unsettles Beijing so. It threatens to check Beijing’s rising new influence in the Asia-Pacific.

Gertz goes into detail on the CCP’s efforts in Cuba, Mexico, South America, and even Canada. It’s a sobering read.

That said, I couldn’t help but notice a hiccup in Zhongnanhai’s plans…

States including Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Mexico recently purchased Chinese arms but are said to be unhappy with the arms’ low quality. For example, Chinese YLC radar sold to Ecuador in 2009 did not work properly and sales of Chinese tanks to Peru also ran into quality problems. Both states are now looking to buy Russian weaponry, a U.S. official said.