The Big Story – Edward Snowden’s new home makes a mockery of his supposed concern for free speech: In Hong Kong itself (where Snowden is currently), an anti-Communist publisher was attacked in the streets…even after he suspended publication of his magazine due to police interrogation of his staffers (Epoch Times). The editors of the Liberty Times discuss how the city continues to chafe under Communist rule (translated by its sister paper, the Taipei Times).

More Human rights news: Back on the mainland, the persecutions continue. Several anti-corruption activists have been thanked for their troubles with arrests and imprisonments (Epoch Times). When the activists themselves (such as Chen Guangcheng) are beyond the CCP’s reach, the long arm of lawlessness reaches out against their relatives (National Review OnlineThe Corner). Finally, the fellow who was supposed to put an end to harvesting organs from prisoners…apparently admitted to harvesting organs from prisoners (Epoch Times). Oops.

Parting Shot: NRO‘s Jay Nordlinger opines on Hong Kong’s new resident:

Fans of Edward Snowden, Guardian of American Liberty — or would that be the Guardian? — may want to ask their hero, ‘Will you call on your new hosts to be a little less beastly? To respect human and civil rights? Maybe torture fewer Falun Gong practitioners to death? At least limit the murder-by-torture of the old ladies among them?’

We know how exquisite Snowden’s, and the Guardian’s, conscience is.

Truth be told, if Snowden were to speak up, I’d happily give credit where it’s due. I’m just not holding my breath.