Would-be reformers within Chinese Communist Party run into hard-liner buzz-saw as Xi Jinping looks on: Matthew Robertson (Epoch Times) details how the hard-core Maoists within the CCP are ensuring any talk of political reform in China remains dead and buried. Robertson notes the problem for the regime, which “faces a slowing economy whose only hope for genuine and sustainable growth lays in increasing household income, and prying the state’s ubiquitous tentacles off parts of the economy.”

Speaking of the economy in Communist-controlled China…it isn’t treating its recent college graduates well (Epoch Times):

Millions of young college graduates are searching for work in Chinese cities, forming a fast-growing social group called the ‘ant tribe.’ This group contains over three million people, all of whom have plenty of college education but very little income, according to a study published in the journal Asian Social Science. They live crammed into tiny quarters, often with only 10 square meters of space per person, the study reports.

As a result, most are looking to leave (Epoch Times):

In recent years, China has not only suffered major capital outflows and an ever-rising number of emigrating entrepreneurs, but also a drain of its talented individuals. China’s loss of top talent is the highest in the world, and this could be due in part to widespread corruption and ongoing persecutions being carried out by the communist regime.

Chinese dissident slams the idea that the US is as bad as the CCP: A Taipei Times story on the view from abroad regarding the Snowden-in-Hong-Kong-NSA reported this from Hu Jia – a leading dissident who exposed the regime’s hideous treatment of AIDS patients: “The US would never monitor us. They are using it to fight terrorism. It’s totally different to what the Chinese government does to listen in on us.” He would know.

More human rights news: The Telegraph interviews a Falun Gong practitioner’s efforts to expose the treatment of labor camp prisoners by smuggling letters into packages meant for America.

More CCP-US news: Gordon Chang ponders Ed Snowden’s motives, and expects one of them is “trying to make a trade, supplying vital American secrets to Beijing in return for refuge” (NROThe Corner). Heide Malhotra (Epoch Times) explores the reaction to CCP investments in America, and why it resembles a monopolist trying to sweep aside the competition.

Kim Jong-un cracking down on escapes: The Communists’ colonial viceroy in Korea “is believed to have tightened security on the country’s borders and pressured Pyongyang’s neighbor and main ally, China, to repatriate anyone caught on its side of the frontier” (Washington Post). As a result, political prisons are “swelling.”

Other Korea news: The colonial regime used an argument over personnel as an excuse to cancel negotiations with the democratic government in the South (Washington Post).

On the CCP’s colonization of Africa: Heng He (Epoch Times) details how the regime’s “investments” in Ghana is leading to numerous problems in Ghana, something other African nations are also experiencing.