The Big Story – Regime’s demand to fix aircraft carrier led to 15 deaths: The Chinese Communist Party literally worked 15 of its engineers to death just to finish refurbishing its first aircraft carrier a year early. As Miles Yu (Washington Times) noted, cadres have been killing Chinese citizens to enact their grand plans ever since the Great Leap Backward (which led to tens of millions dying in famine).

Other persecution news: The regime admitted it has detained dissident filmmaker Du Bin (Epoch Times). Liu Xia, wife of jailed dissident Liu Xiaobo, sent an open letter to CCP boss Xi Jinping ripping the regime (AP via Washington Times). Mrs. Liu is under house arrest herself. Meanwhile, Guo Hui (Epoch Times) details how the regime traps people in – and keeps dissident expatriates out.

Taiwan’s government helps a dissident-exile TV network, but is still making nice with the CCP: The island democracy’s Kuomintang (KMT) government is blowing hot and cold (or for Canadian readers, trying to suck and blow at the same time) regarding the Communists. On the one hand, “pressure from the Taiwanese government” pushed Chunghwa Telecom to renew its contract with New Tang Dynasty Television – a channel founded by dissidents in exile (and sister organization to the Epoch Times). On the other, KMT leaders are still meeting with Xi Jinping (Taipei Times) and are apparently ready to give away the store just to get some consulate-like offices on the mainland (also Taipei Times).

Other Taiwan News: Fresh from being booted by NYU – in reaction to the Long Arm of Lawlessness (see second paragraph) – Chen Guangcheng is visiting Taipei (Taipei Times).

Are Ed Snowden and the CCP making a deal? The Communist-run Global Times recommends letting Snowden stay in Communist China to help the regime on cyber-intel matters (AP via Washington Times). Meanwhile, Snowden himself is shifting his emphasis from American privacy matters to Hong Kong and CCP security, leading Ken Lieberthal to wonder if Snowden is “trying to up his value [with his hosts]” (Washington Post). That even an “engagement” Kool-Aid drinker like Lieberthal is thinking this way speaks volumes.

Other International News: Andrew Bennett, Canada’s Ambassador of Religious Freedom, talks to the Globe and Mail (Cdn.) about the difficulties of supporting those persecuted for their faith in Communist China (via Between Heaven and Earth).

Gordon Chang says “there can be no enduring peace on the Korean peninsula as long as the Kim regime is ensconced in Pyongyang.” I couldn’t agree more.