The Big Story – As the Smithfield buyout gets more attention, egg sellers in Communist China busted for using copper sulfate as a preservative: A couple of weeks ago, Shuanghui International agreed to purchase Smithifeld Foods, the largest pork producer in the United States. Conan Miller (Epoch Times) gauges the reaction – and it’s not good. As if to emphasize the problem in dealing with firms sheltered by the Communist regime, another Epoch Times story reveals a massive egg threat.

Thirty companies in eastern China that make preserved duck eggs have been shut down after state media reports showed that industrial copper sulfate was being added to the eggs to speed up the curing process. All preserved eggs in the companies were seized by the authorities for testing.

Preserved duck eggs, also called thousand-year eggs, are a popular ingredient in China and Taiwan. The curing process involves preservation of the eggs with salt, baking soda and calcium oxide for two months, making the eggs stiffer, saltier and darker. Copper sulfate cuts the process down to one month.

When questioned about the copper sulfate in the eggs, the owner of a Chinese fowl egg processing plant reasoned that ‘a little bit of copper wouldn’t hurt’ and that without it, no one could produce preserved eggs. He advised consumers to ‘try your best to eat less.’

Indeed, the more the curing process is sped up, the higher the amount of industrial copper that will be needed, meaning more harm to consumers…

“Try your best to eat less.” How reassuring.

Keep in mind, when it comes to pork, Shaunghui – which has its own troubled history – can now pull stunts like this with the Smithfield label.

Other International News: Peter Foster (Telegraph, UK) provides his take on the NYU-Chen controversy, and sees a dangerous weakness in education institutions around the world knuckling under to the CCP’s demands (or, as I call it, the Long Arm of Lawlessness).

Regime keeps trying to pull the wool over citizens’ eyes: Two stories in the Epoch Times details how the regime is trying to hide incidents of corruption and disasters.

Is Communist China in decline? Mark DeWeaver (Epoch Times) says it is, and he explains why that will lead to a more nationalistic and dangerous regime until the Chinese people get their country back.

Assaulter of Hong Kong pro-democracy mourner admits to ties to CCP group: Guan Ziang, is going to prison for “being one of four men to assault a 53-year-old Mr. Chen on June 6, when the latter was about to attend a memorial for Li Wangyang, a pro-democracy activist jailed for 21 years who died in custody on June 6, 2012” (Epoch Times). Gaun has also “admitted that he was working under the aegis of the Hong Kong Youth Care Association, a front group associated with an extralegal agency run by the Chinese Communist Party.”

Chinese Communist Regime contradicts itself on claim to Japanese islands: Like the CCP, Taiwan claims sovereignty over the Senkakus islands, so it says something that the Taipei Times ran a column calling foul on the CCP for its new-found claim to the Ryukus Islands (part of Okinawa). John Lim (the column’s author) notes that during the American occupation of the islands, the regime had demanded that they be returned to Japan. Oops.

Has the Kuomintang put Taiwan on the installment plan to CCP absorption? The editors of the Taipei Times certainly think so, and they are not happy about it. Koh Se-kai, Taiwan’s former envoy to Japan, is just as concerned (Taipei Times). The regime, of course, is keeping it all sweetness and light – for now (Taipei Times).