The Big Story – Communist Chinese interest rate keeps zooming up: Two days ago, the SHIBOR rate hit 13.4%; yesterday it zoomed past that to a whopping 29%, which caused Ambrose Evans Pritchard (Telegraph via Financial Post, Canada), to raise the decibel level of alarm.

Canada upholds asylum for “one child” opponent: The Canadian Supreme Court agreed with the Immigration and Refugee Board that Yanxia Ye’s “deep-seated anxiety about being made to wear an intra-uterine device (IUD) and undergo regular pregnancy tests — coupled with her desire to have a large family — was well-founded and qualified as persecution” (National Post, Canada).

Did the Communists use “gifts” to spy on Chen Guangcheng? NYU Professor James Cohen seems to think so (New York Post). As for Chen himself, he is on his way to Taiwan for a three-week stay, “which is plenty of time for Beijing to get riled up about something” according to the editors of the Taipei Times.

House Speaker John Boehner blames Obama for making Communist China “the world’s leading manufacturer”: Boehner believes that the president’s economic policies are hampering the United States (Washington Examiner). Whether you agree with that, of course, likely depends on your view of the president (and the speaker), but the cadres’ recent economic performance may soon make the charge outdated anyway.

Taiwan signs cross-strait service deal with Communist China: The deal was signed earlier today (Taipei Times), and it’s already upset people (Taipei Times).