Top Story – Chinese Communist navy begins massive drill with Russia: The military exercise foretold yesterday has begun, and Zhongnanhai is already boasting that it is its “largest ever joint naval exercise” (Telegraph, UK). The drill will go deep into next week, and is taking place in the Sea of Japan. Also reporting: Washington Times

Pakistan’s PM build national and political ties to the Communist regime: Nawaz Sharif, long a friend of the Chinese Communist Party, reaffirmed a “sweeter than honey” relationship with Zhongnanhai while visiting Beijing (Telegraph, UK). To be fair, Pakistan has long been a friend of the CCP, but Sharif made the ties deeper and even more troubling: “An agreement was also signed for cooperation between Sharif’s Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) and the Communist Party of China.”

Tiananmen Square protest reported by Epoch Times: Unfortunately, the Communist police got to it before the reporter could even determine its purpose.

News from the Korean colony: For the uninitiated, yours truly refers to the “North Korean government” as a colonial regime of the CCP, as the keeps it alive and vouches for it internationally, even as the CCP makes “historical” claims to northern Korea. With that in mind, Daily NK reports that Kim Jong-un (a.k.a., the Viceroy) is overlooking some squabbles within his military. The Viceroy is also having trouble with “experimental farming” (Daily NK) – a lot of trouble. Meanwhile, Kim So Yeol (Daily NK) ponders what can be accomplished from Kaesong talks, and doesn’t see much.