Top Story – Long Arm of Lawlessness goes digital as Communist hackers hit dissidents and others around the world: The Congressional-Executive Commission on China heard testimony about dissidents in exile and others who were hacked by the Chinese Communist Party. As the Epoch Times notes, the hacking even reached the Co-chair of the Commission himself, Congressman Chris Smith (R-New Jersey).

Defense attorneys in satellite trial call the hearing illegal: The CCP refused to notify any defendants about a Dalian hearing regarding their “crime” of helping install satellite dishes in order to get news outside of Communist propaganda (Epoch Times). Meanwhile, this story in the Epoch Times explains why it is so vital for the average Chinese citizen to seek international news sources.

Communist Railway Boss gets suspended death sentence for corruption: Liu Zhijun “oversaw the ministry’s high-profile bullet train development, (and) was accused of taking massive bribes and steering lucrative projects to associates” (AP via Epoch Times).

Taiwan’s cross-strait service agreement continues to take criticism: This time it was a group of analysts brought together by the Taiwan society (Taipei Times, whose editors see the pact as part of a continuing problem within Kuomintang and its allies).

Korean colony makes deal with democratic South over Kaesong, sort of: While the fanfare over the agreement is already covering Seoul (Daily NK), the actual weekend agreement was for a framework for opening the Kaesone industrial park, not its actual opening (Daily NK). Also reporting: Washington Post