Top Story – Trade data shows that Communist Chinese economy is serious trouble: This Epoch Times story reveals the crash of expectation and reality.

Exports, a key component of the Chinese economy fell 3.1 percent in June, putting a big question mark behind the sustainability of Chinese growth.

. . .

Analysts had expected a 3.7 percent gain over June 2013; instead the numbers were a massive disappointment. The June decline of 3.1 percent compared to June 2013 is the worst figure since October 2009, a time when the Chinese economy was just emerging from recession.

Uh oh.

The fact is, the Epoch Times reporters have been all over this for a while now. They’ve even noted how a desperate attempt by Communist banks to raise cash has gone horribly wrong (here and here), as well as analyzed how deep the malaise goes (here). In short, the corporatist-tyranny model is running out of gas.

Cadre in charge of environment admits its a disaster, but proposes more of the same as a solution: Zhou Shengxian, the cadre who runs environmental protection for the regime, admitted that his own department is one of “four major embarrassing departments in the world” (Epoch Times), something that was being proven right as he was speaking in Shandong (Epoch Times). Yet Zhou insisted that the Communists were the best solution to the problem they created.

Meanwhile, a food safety cadre says the CCP should ignore global standards (are you listening Smithfield?): The Assistant to the director of the China National Center For Food Safety Risk Assessment actually insisted that the regime for which he works should ” set up our own standards in accordance with our national conditions” (Epoch Times) and forget international safety standards. I only hope the stockholders of Smithfield Foods heard that.

Whistleblower attacked in Guangdong: Li Jianxi “had conducted online research on potentially corrupt officials” (Epoch Times). Clearly said officials were unhappy.

Hong Kong press freedom under strain: The Hong Kong Journalists Association released its latest report on press freedom in the city. The group found freedom of the press “under attack” from the Communist-appointed city regime (Epoch Times).

Communist police respond to Dalai Lama’s birthday by firing on Tibetans in Sichuan: About 1000 Buddhists were celebrating the Dalai Lama’s birthday over the weekend when “troops…surrounded the crowd, then tried to prevent them from continuing with their ceremonies” (Epoch Times) to the point of opening fire on the crowd. At least six people were hurt.

Communist military crosses into India…again: Indian broadcaster IBNlive reported that the so-called “People’s Liberation Army” decided to liberate Indian bunkers and cameras in Ladakh (Epoch Times). Suffice to say, the host was not amused.

More International News: Former U.S. diplomat Jim Sciutto rails against the lack of media freedom – and particularly the restrictions on American media – in Communist China (Washington Post). Meanwhile, former Canadian MP David Kilgour details international reaction to the CCP’s organ harvesting (Epoch Times).

Taiwanese president tries to defend policy on Communist China: Ma Ying-jeou insisted that his policy toward the mainland was sensible (Taipei Times). Commentator Paul Lin was clearly not convinced (Taipei Times). Meanwhile, the opposition Democratic Progressive Party was trying to feel its own way on cross-strait relations (Taipei Times).

Chen Guangcheng wraps up Taiwan trip: The exiled dissident heaped praise on Taiwan, and asked it to keep its vigilance against tyranny abroad or at home (Taipei Times).

Korean colony to mourn death of first Viceroy by employing kids and spies and shutting down Pyongyang: Daily NK has the details.

More Koreans news: Remember that supposed agreement to open up Kaesong? Never mind (Daily NK). Meanwhile, exiled dissidents from the CCP’s northern colony are beginning to have an impact on political discourse in the democratic South. One of them, Hong Sun Kyung, talked to Daily NK.