Panama seizes Korean colony ship carrying weapons from Cuba: The vessel contained “undeclared military cargo” (Washington Times) from the island dictatorship to the CCP’s Korean colony (a.k.a. North Korea), in particular an air missile defense fire-control radar. The vessel, whose captain attempted suicide to avoid capture, was initially suspected of running drugs. Also reporting: National Post and New York Post

Taiwan prepares for military exercise against Communist invasion: The five-day drill will include “a surprise attack against Taiwan, and then an extensive invasion” (Epoch Times).

Other Taiwan news: President Ma Ying-jeou looks set to maintain control of the Kuomintang Party (Taipei Times); his support from the people at large is much more in question (Taipei Times). Meanwhile, the opposition Democratic Progressive Party called for more deliberation regarding the cross-straits service liberalization deal (which the KMT will try to ram through the legislature – Taipei Times).

Mother of rape victim wins apology from cadres for sending her to labor camp: Tang Hui, who was sent to a labor camp for demanding justice for her abducted daughter, won some justice for herself today, when a Hunan court order the labor camp chief to apologize to her (Epoch Times).

The dark side of Beijing’s property bubble: Students are crammed 25 at a time into apartments, just to avoid the high rents (Epoch Times).

Hong Kong Communists harass Falun Gong practitioners, ordinary residents counter them: A front group for Zhongnanhai “unfurled banners in front of a Falun Gong information site located on Sai Yeung Choi Street South, a busy street in the Mong Kok District” (Epoch Times). When the police reaction was…questionable, city residents confronted the Communists on their own.