Top Story – CCP inks economic deal with Pakistan: The Communist Chinese regime “signed an agreement July 5 that will create an “economic corridor” linking northwestern China to the Arabian Sea” with its neighbor and longtime ally (Washington Times). The deal with further embed the link between the CCP tyranny and the shaky Pakistani democracy.

Other International News: Falun Gong supporters rallied in Washington to highlight their faith’s persecution at the hands of the Chinese Communists (Epoch Times reports).

Taiwanese block imports of peppers from mainland for safety reasons: The island democracy’s Food and Drug Administration flagged the peppers, sent from Shandong, for failing pesticide tests (Taipei Times).

On the Jekyll-and-Hyde image of the Taiwanese military: The editors of the Taipei Times examine a military force where “thousands of soldiers moving out in the middle of the night to help with disaster relief” – while at the same time “military officers defended their retirement pensions and year-end bonuses in the government’s pension reform plan harder than keeping confidential information away from the Chinese.”

South Korea growing increasingly frustrated with the CCP’s Korean colony: Daily NK has the details, along with the latest on the corruption that runs rampant through the regime that calls itself “North Korea” (Daily NK).