Top Story – Communist China’s aggressive expansion in South China Sea runs into resistance from the Philippines: The democratic archipelago “has set off on a risky mission to do what no nation in the region has managed to do: thwart China in its drive to control the vast waters around it” (Washington Post). Here’s hoping they succeed.

It should be noted that President Obama has had arguably the strongest response to the CCP’s ambition in the South China Sea of any White House occupant. Backing that up with some material support for the Philippines would be an excellent and logical next step.

Regime preparing to put corrupt cadre on trail…while arresting anti-corruption activists. Bo Xilai – the high-ranking cadre whose graft allegedly led him to have a British investor murdered – will be tried within the next two months (Telegraph); his indictment could come within days (Epoch Times). However, as the Washington Post notes, the regime is less happy with citizens demanding clean government and transparency: 16 of them have been detained since March.