Top Story – Japan looks to upgrade its military to face CCP threat: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Defense Ministry “recommended significant upgrades in the country’s military capabilities” (Washington Post) in order to combat increasing aggressiveness from the Chinese Communist military. In particular, the ministry proposed “buying drones . . . strengthening deterrence against ballistic missile strikes and establishing a marine unit to counter attacks on remote islands.” Said islands have been the target of Communist Chinese mischief for some time (National Post).

Anniversary of Korean Armistice marked: The Chinese Communist Party, which sent hundreds of thousands of troops into northern Korea to keep it enslaved, let the moment go by, but their Korean colony went all out with full-scale military parade (National Post and Washington Post). The editors of the Washington Times remember the Americans who died to keep southern Korea free – and those Koreans who live their today are far less sanguine about reunification with the northern de facto CCP colony (Taipei Times). Finally, Jose Cardenas reminds us that Communist Cuba – source of the arms intercepted by Panama on their way to northern Korea – is no angel itself (Washington Times).

Other International News: The rest of the world is beginning to notice that the CCP’s economic mismanagement has consequences (Gordon Chang), but the regime still has the ability to run circles around the European Union at the negotiating table (Open Europe).

New Citizens Movement in China becomes new target for CCP: The NCM promotes human rights and anti-corruption, yet believes “the regime is still able to atone for many problems” (Epoch Times). The regime’s response has been to send several of them to jail – a clear sign that atonement is far from their minds.

Other Human rights news: A police officer runs afoul of a local cadre enforcement group in Xining – and gets beaten for it (Epoch Times). Meanwhile, the regime bans Despicable Me 2 (Epoch Times).

Is Hong Kong turning into another typical Communist Chinese city? Li Zhen (Epoch Times) makes the depressing case for the affirmative.

Ma Ying-jeou hopes to visit New York and Los Angeles on stopovers in Western Hemisphere trip: The Taiwanese President is planning to visit the island democracy’s diplomatic allies in South America and the Caribbean. Previous trips have usually involved near quarantine conditions (Taipei Times).

Other Taiwan News: The death of Hung Chung-chiu continues to roil Taiwan’s military (Taipei Times) and its politics (Taipei Times). Meanwhile, Lee Hsiao-feng (Taipei Times) calls for a greater focus on Taiwanese history in education: “Unless Taiwanese are prepared to become a province of the People’s Republic of China, there must be a history education that focuses on Taiwanese identity.”