Top Story – Debate in Taiwan continues on cross-straits services agreement: Opponents of the deal cited concerns over national security, the nature of the Chinese Communist regime, and the lack of transparency regarding the deal, which is currently up for discussion in the legislature (Taipei Times). It is expected to be ratified by the pro-government Kuomintang majority.

Other Taiwan news: The probe of Corporal Hung Chung-chiu’s death continues (Taipei Times) as he is laid to rest (Taipei Times). Arguments over a planned referendum for a new nuclear power plants also divide the island democracy (Taipei Times). The mayor of Taipei takes issue with the cloistered nature of his own Kuomintang Party (Taipei Times).

Communist Chinese military put out video game with mission of conquering Senkaku Islands: Glorious Mission Online is the game, which “allows players to satisfy their patriotism by fighting enemy forces in islands disputed with Japan” (Taipei Times, which provided all three labels for the Senkaku Island chain) . The so-called People’s Liberation Army developed the game in partnership with Giant Interactive Group, which “hopes to attract foreign gamers.” Sadly, there will be no option of fighting for the Japanese (or the Taiwanese, for that matter).

Communist-friendly Zimbabwean tyranny declares itself winner in fraud-marred election: The details – including the anonymous regime hack’s gloating, the opposition’s response, and the reports of voting problems – are all in the Taipei Times. For more on how deep the CCP has sunk its hooks into the country see the Telegraph (UK).