Top Story – Japan builds up Philippine Navy, to Communists’ chagrin: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe himself announced the “sale” of ten coastal patrol ships to the Philippines (funded by a Japanese loan) in a meeting with the latter’s president, Benigno Aquino III (Washington Times). The Philippine government has shown increasing assertiveness in its South China Sea disputes with the Chinese Communist regime, and Abe expressed his full support for that last weekend. Zhongnanhai, needless to say, was not happy.

Other International News: Thanks to rising labor costs and a badly uncompetitive tax structure, Foreign investment in Communist China is down substantially (Epoch Times). Meanwhile, former Canadian MP David Kilgour asks those investors still in Communist China why they “are supporting the violation of so many universal values” (Epoch Times).

Regime’s mouthpiece says fall of Chinese Communist Party would be worse the the Soviet Union’s collapse: Suffice to say, some “netizens” took issue with that (Epoch Times), but the regime itself clearly is determined to survive whatever the cost (Epoch Times).