Top Story – India launches aircraft carrier and activates nuclear submarine reactor: The world’s largest democracy continued to flex its muscles with the aforementioned naval advances (CNN). Coming within days of naval developments in Japan and the Philippines, India’s announcement makes it clear that the Chinese Communist Party can not count on docile democracies to give it control of the neighborhood.

Canadian defense analysts want their country to strengthen its own Pacific fleet: Some of them spoke to the National Post about the need for the Great White North to shift its Atlantic-heavy focus.

Ma Ying-jeou visits New York…and his political troubles come with him: The Taiwanese president was given an unusual perk in that the United States allowed him to visit the Big Apple. Even more unusual, however, was the group of anti-Communist protestors who shadowed him, expressing their concern that Ma was getting too cozy with the CCP (Taipei Times and Liberty Times).

Hong Kong tightening visas; foreign businessmen complaining: The continued degradation of the city from a crown jewel of freedom to just another CCP-controlled city is continuing apace with new visa restrictions “which will affect Hong Kong’s usefulness as an international hub for business” (Epoch Times). Germans in particular are already feeling the pinch.

Other International News: The CCP plans to entrench in Tibet by following through on Mao Zedong’s ambitions to take “Tibet’s Five Fingers” – namely, three Indian states and two independent nations (Epoch Times). The regime is also balking at freer trade in information technology (Washington Times, the op-ed is clearly written by someone who’s had too much of the Engagement-flavored Kool-Aid). By the end of the year, Communist China may be a larger oil importer than the United States (Washington Times).

Hideous “one-child policy” continues to rack up victims: The women and children who have suffered under forced abortions are well known – and another was found by the Epoch Times. Less prominent are parents who lose their child, and due to Communist policy are now bereft of children (Washington Post).

Corruption news: Yet another cadre is caught with his hand in the cookie jar (Epoch Times). Others are caught with prostitutes…and a judge responds by attacking “foreign hostile forces” (Epoch Times). Meanwhile, locals brave enough to complain about corrupt officials can simply disappear (Epoch Times).

Other Internal News: Two pieces on the precarious nature of the economy in Communist China come courtesy of the Epoch Times.

Korean colony moves jailed American from labor camp to hospital: The northern Korean regime – thoroughly dependent on Zhongnanhai for its survival – sent Kenneth Bae to prison for “what it called a ‘Jericho operation’ to bring down North Korea through religious activities” (CNN).

Other Korean colony news: The regime tried to hype its nuclear capability with “backpacks marked with the symbol for radioactivity” (Epoch Times)…except that said backpacks “were likely filled with foam boards that came from a factory in China”. Meanwhile, democratic Korea (a.k.a., “South Korea”) is trying more talks with the northern colony on Kaesong (Washington Post). Will they never learn?