Top Story – Communist police shoot at Eid celebration in occupied East Turkestan, killing at least 4: The town in which the incident took place was unnamed in the Epoch Times report. Among the victims were a four-year-old child shot in the stomach. The Communist regime “banned all religious activity” in East Turkestan (labeled “Xinjiang” in the story), but about 1,000 Uighurs were celebrating the end of Ramadan. The Communist police couldn’t disperse the crowd, so they fired into it instead. East Turkestan was an independent nation before the Communists occupied it in 1949.

Family of Neil Heywood sues Bo Xilai’s wife: While Bo himself awaits trial for corruption and his wife is in prison, the family of the British investor she had murdered is demanding over $8 million in compensation (Epoch Times).

Schoolteacher in Jiangxi molests children while leading cadre tells parents to act “quietly”: The teacher likely infected several of his victims with HPV, so parents demanded compensation from the local government. That led a Ruichang Vice Mayor to helpfully comment “that if she were the mother, she would ‘quietly’ take her child out of school and ‘not ask the government for a penny.'”

Artist under house arrest in Communist China has his work exhibited in Canada: The exhibition begins later this week, but already “the literal absence of the artist, who has been under house arrest in Beijing since 2011, hovers as a ghostly presence” (Macleans).

Regime cracks down on skyscrapers: As local cadres try to out-build each other, the regime’s Global Times mouthpiece expresses concern about the effect on an already hideously maladjusted real estate markets (Epoch Times).