Top Story -Communist China tests ICBM for third time in 12 months:
The DF-31A would be “capable of hitting the United States with nuclear warheads” (Washington Free Beacon) and is part of a Chinese Communist military upgrade that also includes multiple warheads for a single missile (a.k.a. MIRVs). The regime has over a dozen DF-31A missiles.

Communist propaganda brought up short by netizens: The regime tried to make viewers of its TV station believe Mao Zedong had Olympic-style swimming speed. That didn’t last long (Epoch Times).

Former Mao-era Red Guard expresses regret: He turned in his own mother to the regime in 1970. The regime killed her. Now he “is fighting for his mother’s grave to be officially recognized as a historical landmark, representing the cruelty of the Cultural Revolution” (Epoch Times).

Ma Ying-jeou begins international tour of diplomatic allies in Haiti: The island democracy’s leader left behind political troubles at home (or New York) to visit Caribbean and Latin American nations who are Taiwan’s diplomatic allies. His first stop was Haiti (Taipei Times).

Other Taiwan news: Ma’s predecessor, Chen Shui-bian, appears to be on his way back into the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (Taipei Times). An anti-Ma group prepares to recall “incompetent” legislators (Taipei Times). The Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Bureau of Energy is caught manipulating search engines regarding a proposed nuclear power plant (Taipei Times).

Korean colony used fake missiles in military parades as missile development expert disappears: The fakery was exposed by an analyst who explained the problem to the Washington Times – links in original:

“My opinion is that it’s a big hoax,” Markus Schiller, an aerospace engineer and former RAND Corp. military analyst, told NBC after looking at pictures from the parades July 27 and April last year.

For example, he noted, there was no evidence at the back of the Hwasong-13 of retro rockets necessary to separate the stages — crucial if a multi-stage missile is to reach sub-orbital space and strike across continents.

Mr. Schiller also said features on the rockets that varied from one to another — such as the differing placement of small guidance nozzles and hatches — add to his conclusion that they are “crude fakes.”

U.S. government experts agreed.

Oops. No wonder the fellow responsible for the viceroy’s missile program “has disappeared, presumably purged.”

Other news from the Korean colony: Joshua Staunton covers the gamut (Kenneth Bae’s imprisonment, cell phones, cyberattacks, etc.) over at One Free Korea.