Top Story – Chinese Communist Party promises to end organ harvesting from prisoners (again): The regime “will phase out the practice of taking organs from executed prisoners” (BBC) starting in November. If this sounds familiar, it’s because the regime made a similar promise earlier this year (Between Heaven and Earth).

Other Human Rights news: Du Bin, fresh out of a Communist jail, publishes Toothbrush, a volume on torture in China (Epoch Times). Marcus Roberts (Mercator) examines some of the effects of the Communists’ hideous one child policy.

Communist military takes up 80% of airspace, jamming civilian flights: The military has such a high priority on airspace that Beijing’s airport is the worst major hub for delays and cancellations, with Shanghai’s hub just behind (Washington Times).

Taiwan News: The opposition Democratic Progressive Party held another meeting to discuss its policies toward Communist China, with the consensus forming around remaining wary of the CCP (Taipei Times). Meanwhile, the government is planning talks on fisheries issues with the Philippines (Taipei Times).