Top Story – Forensic Expert leaves Communist prosecutor’s office: Wang Xuemei loudly quit her post after blasting the “ridiculous and irresponsible forensic evidence” (National Post) put out by the regime’s Forensic Medicine Association (of which she was Vice Chair, she quit that, too). In her resignation statement, she cited a case declared suicide despite evidence showing it was anything but. That said, it should be noted that she also came to the defense of Bo Xilai last year, meaning this could be part of a larger faction battle. Bo’s trail starts tomorrow (Epoch Times).

This is as good a time as any to review yours truly’s Three Rules for Interpreting Corruption Charges in Communist China: 1) The charges are politically driven by factionalism; 2) Despite that, they’re probably true; and 3) The cadres pushing the prosecution have down (or are doing) far worse than the defendant’s actions.

Kenya leader’s visit to Communist China continues to raise eyebrows:
David Blair (Telegraph, UK) notes that the CCP’s new friendships with African leaders is very good for those leaders, but not necessarily for ordinary Africans.

Man tries firecrackers to prevent cadres from demolishing his building: The unusual use of fireworks came in reaction to local Communist officials in Laoshan playing the usual land seizure game. Sadly, the cadres eventually won (Epoch Times).

Taiwan praised for their international aid: The island democracy scored high marks from the Pan American Development Foundation (Taiwan Central News Agency via Taipei Times).

News from the CCP’s Korean colony: One Free Korea takes aim at the Kaesong deal, while Tim Stanley (Telegraph, UK) notes that the Viceroy’s incompetence has pushed so many young women toward prostitution that the regime is running low on virgin dancers (no, that’s not a typo).