Top Story – Meet the latest Hong Kong dissident, Li Ka-shing? Few epitomize the coziness of Hong Kong’s elite with the Chinese Communist Party better than billionaire Li Ka-Shing…at least until this month apparently. The HK tycoon announced he was selling his ParknShop supermarket chain – before he had found a buyer. According to Hong Kong locals who spoke to the Epoch Times, such a move “an open statement of extreme discontent with Leung Chun-ying,” the current Hong Kong regime head (appointed by the CCP). Zhongnanhai itself took aim at Li, in the form of wealthy and well-connected mainlander Zong Qinghou. If Li really has left the Communist reservation, things could be far more precarious for the CCP than previously assumed.

ZTE partners with Firefox on new smartphone: What could possibly go wrong? Joshua Philipp (Epoch Times) tells us.

Escapee returns from New Zealand to visit family, is tortured for it: Nick Wang’s apparent crime was editing a newspaper in New Zealand that was critical of the Communist regime. In response, he was denied an entry visa 18 times (he was hoping to visit his parents before they died). When he decided to sneak in anyway, he was arrested and kept awake for five days (Epoch Times).

Wife of detained activist writes open letter to Xi Jinping: Zhang Qing is married to Guo Feixiong, a transparency activist who has been in and out of Communist prisons for a decade. Zhang’s open letter described how the jailings and torture affect not only Guo, but the entire family (Epoch Times).

Constitution 133 Alliance wants supporters of cross-strait services pact recalled: The new Taiwanese group presented itself to the major parties in Taiwan this week. The Democratic Progressive Party (and their Taiwan Solidarity Unio was very receptive and agreed to sign the Alliance’s four pledges (one of which was opposing the services pact with Communist China). Kuomintang was not so kind (Taipei Times). a

CCP unhappy with Democratic Progressive Party’s anti-Communist policies: In other words, Taiwan’s opposition is still as tough on the Chinese Communist Party as they used to be (Taipei Times).