Top Story – Another Hong Kong billionaire is cashing out: Shih Wing-ching is apparently ready to follow in Li Ka-Shing‘s footsteps – expect Shih is talking, loudly, about his frustrations (Epoch Times):

In interviews, Shih Wing-ching has said the main reason he is selling is because he is not happy with the current social atmosphere in Hong Kong.

‘Property investors are hated,’ Shih said. ‘Why should I become a persecution target as a landlord?’

At the Landlord League Press conference on Aug 6 Shih Wing-ching said, ‘Leung Chun Ying’s double tough policy on property transfer taxes not only attacked property agents, it also spoiled the investment environment, seriously hurting industrial and commercial units.’ On Feb. 22 Leung announced a doubling of the property transfer tax, targeting investors who want to buy a property to lease.

‘Even Li Ka-shing has said he is retreating. It [the double tough policy on property transfer taxes] has a very serious effect on Hong Kong. Government should welcome investment, not attack investment,’ Shih said.

It should be noted that Shih just happened to have a car accident after his anti-Leung remarks. As for Li, it appears a regime-run firm is first in line for his ParknShop grocery stores (Epoch Times).

Communist Chinese military gets caught using Battlestar Galactica imagery for “Aircraft Carrier Development”: The CCP was trying to boast to Japan about its future aircraft carriers. That quickly came a-cropper (Epoch Times):

Japanese readers were quick to point out, however, that the images supposedly showing future aircraft carriers were actually from the U.S. sci-fi program Battlestar Galactica, and the mock-up of a floating city designed by a Belgian architect.

An Internet user in Japan posted this joke in response to reading the article: ‘It’s good to have dreams. They should start making comic books!’


Other Communist military news:The hackers are back, and aiming at the G20 (Epoch Times). Meanwhile, a Communist military officer declares Pacific Rim to be anti-China propaganda (Epoch Times).

Guangzhou cops get new equipment, which normally wouldn’t be a big deal if they were actually enforcing the law rather than “abusing their power, bullying people, and terrorizing citizens” (Epoch Times).

Taiwanese president to debate DPP leader on cross-straits service pact: The debate over the controversial pact, “which its critics have labeled a back-room deal between China and the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT)” and “could lead to unfair competition in the domestic market” (Taipei Times), will be held on September 15. President Ma Ying-jeou – who is also KMT leader – will debate his political counterpart, Democratic Progressive Party Chairman Su Tseng-chang (Taipei Times).

News on the CCP’s Korean Colony: The Viceroy may divert himself from his luxuries and military buildup (One Free Korea) long enough to release imprisoned Christian missionary Kenneth Bae (Washington Post).