Top Story – Air Force Pacific Commander aims Pacific “pivot” at CCP: General Herbert “Hawk” Carlisle, Commander of the Pacific Air Forces, discussed the American military’s “pivot” to the Pacific – and made it quite clear that the “fairly assertive, aggressive behavior” of the Chinese Communist Party had a lot to do with it (Washington Times). He even “compared the rotation of warplanes in and out of Asia to the Cold War policy of moving U.S. forces temporarily to Europe to deal with the Soviet Union” (the Communist Chinese regime did not react well to that). The general also cited growing concern in the Philippines and Japan about Communist Chinese shenanigans.

Speaking of the Philippines, their president, Benigno Aquino III, has backed out of a trade fair in Communist China, who insisted “it never invited him in the first place” (Washington Post). It should be noted that under Aquino, the Philippines have been increasingly more robust in defense of their territorial claims in the region.

As for Syria, Gordon Chang helpfully reminds us that Communist China and its Korean colony are the chief enablers of the Assad regime.

Other News from the Korean Colony: One Free Korea has all the latest news, including more talk about the “six party” nuclear disarmament talks that have proven soooooo successful in the past, Kaesong, defectors, and colony-backers in South Korea (one of whom gets his own OFK post).

More details on Communist China’s water crisis comes courtesy of the Epoch Times: “over 30 percent of the country’s rivers and over 50 percent of groundwater are below national water quality standards.” Ouch.

Law Professor in Shanghai fired for writing about “constitutionalism” – which is legalese shorthand for restricting the power of the Chinese Communist Party. Naturally, the CCP would have none of that (Epoch Times).

Communist general’s son tried for rape in Beijing: Just about every stereotype about the CCP – corruption, allergy to the truth, contempt for women who don’t follow the script – is tragically being proven true in this “trial” (Epoch Times).