Top Story – Democratic Progressive Party on the rise in Taiwan: The anti-Communist opposition outraised the incumbent Kuomintang and seems to have more popular presidential aspirants for the 2016 election (Taipei Times). Meanwhile, the DPP is joining efforts to recall a KMT legislator (Taipei Times). It should noted that the DPP and their Taiwan Solidarity Union allies make up the “pan-green” coalition, which has long been the preferred coalition of yours truly in Taiwanese politics. The KMT and its allies – which have made cozying up to Communist China a key part of their platform for years – are known as “pan-blues.”

Other Taiwan News: The island democracy has agreed to let the mainland supply water to the Kinmen Island (Taipei Times).

Communist Chinese solar firm default on debt: The solar industry was once the pride of the CCP. Now, the bill has come due, and some of the biggest players in the Communist solar industry can’t pay (Bloomberg).

Korean Assemblyman loses immunity amid charges of spying for the CCP colony: Josh Stanton (One Free Korea) has all the sordid details.