Top Story – Communist-run bank sued in New York for facilitating terrorists: Victims of rocket attacks by Hamas and the Palestine Islamic Jihad are suing the Chinese Communist regime-run Bank of China for having “knowingly transferred funds” (Epoch Times) to those two groups. The transfers totaled in the millions. The Chinese Communist Party has a history of support for anti-American terrorists including the Iranian mullahcracy, al Qaeda, Saddam Hussein, the Taliban, and Stalinist North Korea.

Other International News: Time magazine covers the latest in the dispute between Japan and the CCP over the Senkaku Islands. The UN tries to determine how – or even if – Communist China’s “aid” to Africa is helping the Africans…and is waylaid by the regime’s departures from the norm on defining “aid” (Epoch Times).

CCP taking aim at internet “rumors”…unless they’re started by the CCP: Professor Xia Yeliang is in hot water with the cadres for insisting on political reform. So the regime was happy to report that he had failed an evaluation. There was only one problem: Xia hadn’t failed it (Epoch Times). Thus the CCP is caught peddling the very type of “rumor” they claim as an excuse to jail cyberdissidents. Sadly, the regime may soon have other avenues to nail jello to the wall (Epoch Times).

Guangdong police crushes land seizure protest: Villagers in Lingjiao District protested a land seizure; the cadres sent in riot police; 70 injuries, 30 arrests, and several busted boats later, the protest was over (Epoch Times).

Political crisis in Taiwan continues: The Democratic Progressive lawmaker at the center of influence-peddling allegations aimed at Speaker Wang Jin-pyng insisted he was innocent (Taipei Times). As for Wang himself, ex-Kuomintang head Lien Chan came to the speaker’s defense and offered himself as a mediator between Wang and his accuser, President Ma Ying-jeou (Taipei Times). Ma may need some help if the reaction to him online as any indication of national feeling (Taipei Times). Meanwhile, the cross-strait services deal, which many believe was the real bone of contention between Ma and Yang, was blasted by the Taiwan Society (Taipei Times).

Kuomintang ex-chair says differences with CCP should be set aside: Wu Poh-hsiung made the suggestion as a delegation from the Yunnan Province branch of the CCP visited the island (Taipei Times).

UN Commissioner calls human rights abuses in CCP’s Korean Colony the worst since Pol Pot and the Nazis: Michael Kirby, a member of the U.N. Commission on Inquiry on human rights abuses in North Korea, called the atrocities about which he has heard “a very horrifying story, the like of which I don’t think I’ve seen or read of since the Khmer Rouge (in Cambodia) and the Nazi atrocities during the second world war” (One Free Korea).

Zimbabwe’s regime letting CCP’s Korean colony access uranium: One the one hand, it creates a humorous competition between the Viceroy and the Beijing-backed mullahcracy in Tehran. On the other hand, do we really want either of them winning? Report: One Free Korea