Top Story – Communist Chinese regime’s crackdown on the internet expands to middle schoolers: The latest victim of the cybercrackdown (Washington Times) is s fifth-grade student who criticized police for ignoring a local murder (Epoch Times).

Local cadres continues building spree, lining their pockets along the way: The massive overbuilding has led to garish cities (Epoch Times), ridiculously ostentatious town halls (Epoch Times), and fortunes for sleazy Party members (Epoch Times).

British diplomat calls for democracy in Hong Kong; regime responds by throwing a temper tantrum: The Chinese Communist Party’s response to Hugo Swire “for his remarks at the weekend that it was important for local voters to have genuine choice on the road to democratisation” (South China Morning Post) was to accuse the British of spying. If that’s not a temper tantrum, I don’t know what is.

Other International news: Communist Chinese “cyberattacks” may in some cases be a cover for old-school industrial espionage directed by Zhongnanhai (Epoch Times). The CCP’s Arctic maneuvers are make some in Canada understandably nervous (Ottawa Citizen).

As Democratic Progressive Party turns 27, it looks to the future: Taiwan’s lead opposition party is using the anniversary to prepare for local elections and look across the straits to find allies among mainland dissidents (Taipei Times).

CCP’s Korean Viceroy gets into the beer business: Something tells me Jim Koch has no reason for worry (One Free Korea).