Top Story – Bo Xilai sentenced to life in prison…as corruption continues: The former high profile leftist cadre has his expected comeuppance on Sunday (Washington Post, Epoch Times, and Taipei Times). Yet in the same weekend, two more examples of corruption in the party hit the Epoch Times: illegal capital flight and misappropriated “one child” fines. The Three Rules of Corruption live on.

CCP Foreign Minister wants to work with US, but won’t say how: Of course, the usual platitudes about “strategic, constructive and path-breaking” collaboration were spewed (Washington Post).

Author from Communist China pleasantly surprised by Taiwan: Mo Yan had heard from the regime on the mainland “that Taiwanese live in horrid conditions and without moral standards in their business practices” (Taipei Times). Instead, “he found the opposite to be true.”

More Taiwan News: President Ma Ying-jeou comes in for more criticism in the Taipei Times and the Liberty Times (note: they are sister papers).

CCP’s Korean colony sets its priorities – missile tests and money laundering now, reunions with war-divided families later: The Viceroy’s love of laundering and lighting up engines can be found in One Free Korea and the Washington Times, respectively. OFK also reports on the reunion postponement, along with the Washington Post.