Top Story – Chinese Communist regime building anti-satellite capabilities while keeping it in the dark: As America continually relies on satellites for communications, including military communications, the Chinese Communists “are actively trying to undermine these systems” (Epoch Times), particularly with anti-satellite missiles. Of course, the regime is making sure no one else knows about it.

In May, when China launched a new Dong Ning-2 anti-satellite missile, it tried telling the public it was the Chinese Academy of Scienes experimenting with a sounding rocket…

There is a tree-and-forest job in there somewhere.

Teenager, arrested over internet “rumors,” is released: Yang Hui had been arrested for criticizing police for ignoring a local murder (it should be noted that the original reports erroneously had Yang’s age as lower than 16). Report: Epoch Times

Taiwan’s president in serious political trouble: The voters are determined to deliver President Ma Ying-jeou a political 2-by-4 for his problematic record in office, the cross-strait services agreement, and the behavior of the Special Investigative Division (Taipei Times).

CCP’s Korean Viceroy builds himself a new move theater: One Free Korea has the depressingly decadent details.