Top Story – Canada enters Pacific game with deal for new base in Japan: The Great White North has taken a major step to enter the Pacific Rim with “an agreement in principle that would see a Canadian military logistics base established in Japan” (Sun News). Yours truly has been looking for Canada to get involved in the Pacific situation for years; it’s good to see it happening.

Chinese Communist hackers take aim at American drone technology: The Communist Chinese hacking crew has launched “the largest campaign we’ve seen that has been focused on drone technology” (New York Times).

Meanwhile, regime is losing manufacturing to US: Due to “labor costs, product quality and a desire to be closer to customers” (CNN), more American manufacturers are looking to pull out of Communist China and bring production home.

Human rights activist disappears after police detain her: Cao Shunli, a human rights activist who was about to leave Communist China for a conference in Switzerland, was instead detained by airport police, and hasn’t been seen since (Washington Times).

Real estate bubble threatens economy in Communist China: Tianlun Jian (Epoch Times) has the details.

Reporters Without Borders hits Hong Kong regime for press shenanigans: It should be noted that the victim is also the source of the story: the Epoch Times.

Ma Ying-jeou hides from his people, but may meet CCP Boss: The Kuomintang Party has postponed its upcoming meeting this weekend, in order to avoid the president running into a mass protest against him scheduled for Sunday (Taipei Times). Yet there is someone Ma is apparently more than willing to meet – Communist Chinese Party boss Xi Jinping (Taipei Times).

Other Taiwan News: The opposition Democratic Progressive Party has begun its 27th Anniversary celebration with a “Green New Deal” platform to voters (Taipei Times). Meanwhile, the island democracy is winning some support in Europe (Taipei Times).

The CCP appears less than happy with the Korean Colony: According to Daily NK, Zhongnanhai has put together a list of items no longer acceptable to be sent to the colony and started building new barriers along the shared border. Although it should be noted that the list of items – which center heavily on the colony’s nuclear weapons programs – may become moot thanks to the Viceroy’s own manufacturing abilities (Daily NK).

Other news from the Colony: The government of democratic Korea is sounding the alarm about the CCP Colony’s nuclear efforts (Daily NK). It is also unhappy about the Colony’s delay on reunion meetings (Daily NK). The Colony responded by issuing threats to the media in the democratic South (OFK).