Top Story – Chinese Communists’ Korean colony regime could collapse; annexation by Zhongnanhai very possible: RAND analyst Bruce Bennett lays out how and why the Kim Jong-un (or, as I prefer to call him, the Viceroy) won’t be able to keep the colony afloat, leading to either mass anarchy or (more likely, in my view) and CCP invasion of northern Korea (One Free Korea). Bennett also notes that the army of democratic Korea is in no position to restore order to the north – assuming the CCP even lets them – and that America would have a large role to play. Sadly, neither Washington nor Seoul seems to appreciate the urgency (Washington Post).

Communist boss tries propaganda and Maoist methods to cure regime’s ills: Xi Jinping is trying the “self-criticism” ploy (something Mao used to terrorize his followers and eliminate his rivals for years) as an anti-corruption measure (Epoch Times), which would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic. In terms of battling corruption, it’s already in trouble (Epoch Times and Taipei Times). In terms of brainwashing six-year-olds, Xi might have more success (Epoch Times).

Xi also sees Taiwan as a threat, according to an analysis by Nat Bellochi (Taipei Times).

Tens of thousands march against Ma, DPP leaders call for resignation: Across the island on Sunday, protestors furious at President Ma Ying-jeou and his government’s wiretapping made themselves heard (Taipei Times); within the political realm, leaders of the opposition Democratic Progressive Party called for Ma to resign (Taipei Times). As for the wiretapping – which has risen 70% in frequency since Ma took office (Taipei Times) – the new Minister of Justice announced a task force to examine it (Taipei Times).