Top Story – Turkish government moves away from purchase of Communist Chinese missiles amid opposition criticism: Less than one day after the Turkish opposition criticized the government for purchasing CPMIEC missiles, President Abdullah Gul announced that the deal was not actually finalized (Epoch Times). Gul also reaffirmed his countries commitment to NATO. Some NATO members, including the United States, have expressed concern over what had been the Turks’ plans to buy missiles from Communist China (CPMIEC is a regime-owned firm). Turkey’s opposition party also joined the criticism (Hurriyet Daily News), which might have led to government to shift gears.

Nortel may have been victim to Communist Chinese espionage “for nearly a decade”: That’s what some employees have said in wake of reports that the firm’s former headquarters building was littered with bugs (CTV). The building had been the planned new home for Canada’s Department of National Defense (DND). That is completely up in the air now. Also Reporting: National Post

Apple drops Open Door from App Store in Communist China: The firm knuckled under to the Chinese Communist Party’s determination to keep the unfettered internet from the Chinese people. It was yet another sign that the cadres’ determination to “nail jello to the wall” – and the fecklessness of foreign businesses who help them (Epoch Times).

Local News – Shanghai dresses itself up as a “free trade zone”; Wuhan drowning in debt: Qing Lang sees the Shanghai experiment as “a pipe-dream” (Epoch Times). Meanwhile, the construction-mad city of Wuhan has racked up debts of over $33 billion (Epoch Times).

Ma Ying-jeou buffeted by courts, opposition, and low poll ratings: First, the judiciary, which reaffirmed that Wang Jin-pyng can not be kicked out of the Kuomintang Party (which Ma chairs), and thus can remain as Speaker (Taipei Times). Meanwhile, the method of “evidence gathering” against Wang (wiretapping) came under harsh scrutiny in the legislature (Taipei Times). Finally, a TISR poll put the president’s approval rating at 14.5% (Taipei Times). The Taipei Times‘ sister paper (the Liberty Times) believes the entire KMT has gone off the rails.