Top Story – Bugs? What bugs? Canada now says no surveillance equipment found at future DND headquarters: Canada’s Department of National Defense insists “that no listening devices have been found at the former Nortel campus, contradicting previous security concerns raised by both former Nortel and government intelligence employees” (Ottawa Citizen). Said “former Nortel and government intelligence employees” loudly protested the DND moving into the ex-Nortel building; the former hosts were believed to have been victims of Communist Chinese espionage for years.

Speaking of cyber-espionage, more experts in the subject are saying the Chinese Communist regime is winning, and they said so at the Black Hat 2013 conference, as reported by the Epoch Times.

Idiot Comment of the Day: Jim Prentice takes the dubious honor for his obtuse refusal to distinguish between investments from Communist China and everything else (National Post).

Canadian Navy looks to the Pacific, and they find that they have their work cut out for them (Macleans).

Communist Chinese regime reveals its latest drone to the Aviation Expo China 2013 in Beijing (Epoch Times).

Hong Kong regime training internet propagandists: Next made the claim in its latest issue; the Red Trolls (my term) “learn how to assume fake identities and to post messages coaxing or inspiring other netizens into moving their comments in a direction favorable to the CCP” (Epoch Times).

Can the Chinese Communist Party clean up its air? That’s the question posed by Araminta Woodsworth (National Post). The answers are not encouraging.

Taiwan News – Ma Ying-jeou faces recall attempt, questions from Taipei prosecutors: The president’s role in the investigation of Speaker Wang Jin-pyng continued to roil politics in the island democracy (Taipei Times). The opposition Democratic Progressive Party is consider a recall effort, and the Taipei prosecutor’s office has a few questions for him (Taipei Times). Ma’s political allies have tried their own counterattack (Taipei Times).

Kuomintang Party makes nice with CCP, but doesn’t want American jets: The ruling party in Taiwan is preparing for another meeting with Chinese Communist boss Xi Jinping, but does not seem so interested in preparing for the island democracy’s defense (Taipei Times).

How a Treasury Department official crippled money laundering in the CCP’s Korean colony, and how the State Department in turn crippled the effort, can be found in Treasury’s War, reviewed by One Free Korea.