Top Story – Defectors from the Chinese Communists’ Korean Colony describe the brutality of the Viceroy: Guards practicing martial arts moves on prisoners (National Post and Epoch Times), starvation at industrial levels (National Post), and constant efforts to undermine the democracy in southern Korea (National Post), these were the stories of the defectors from the Communist-controlled north. Although the information will not surprise regular readers of this blog, it bears repeating: thousands of Koreans are imprisoned by the Viceroy not for what they did, but for what their relatives did – no matter how distant.

Other News from the Korean colony: The United States and Japan strike a deal to base American drones on Japanese soil; their primary mission will be watching the Colony (Washington Post and Washington Times). The democratic government in southern Korea conducts a major military exercise (Washington Times) and wins support from the US (Washington Post). One Free Korea calls for effective sanctions against the Viceroy’s regime.

Has the US made it harder for Taiwan to purchase weapons? US-Taiwan Business Council president Rupert Hammond-Chambers says yes; the Taiwanese government says no. Report: Taipei Times

Wiretapping scandal continues to hang cloud around Taiwanese President: The president attempted to defend himself (Taipei Times), but his critics are now looking at whether or not Ma sought retribution for a corruption probe against him while he was Mayor of Taipei (Taipei Times). Meanwhile, the wiretapping has grown so out of control that not even members of Ma’s Kuomintang Party can keep silent (Taipei Times). It should be noted that this has dramatically slowed down the discussion of the cross-straits services deal, which is not a bad thing to yours truly (Taipei Times).

Meanwhile, on the mainland….Zhou Yongkang comes out from under his shell, but not from under the cloud of suspicion (Epoch Times). Speaking of clouds, the air in Beijing gets special scrutiny from the Epoch Times. Finally, and fortunately, the Long Arm of Lawlessness can’t keep Chen Guangcheng unemployed (Epoch Times).