Top Story – Communist China boasts of military prowess in “the entire Western Pacific” and “against any nation in the region”: The bombast came from the regime-run Global Times, and “was accompanied by 19 graphics specifying the type of satellite-guided weapons China can use to strike” (Washington Times).
It should be noted that the Chinese Communist regime has territorial disputes with just about “any nation in the region.” One of those nations, Malaysia, hosted CCP boss Xi Jinping yesterday (Taipei Times).

Li Ka-Shing to invest in technology center in Guangdong: The billionaire Hong Kong tycoon will partner with Technicon, an Israeli company (Times of Israel).

More on Chen Guangcheng’s fellowship with Catholic University: The Washington university was among those who refused to succumb to the CCP’s Long Arm of Lawlessness (which, sadly, influenced NYU). Report: Lifenews

Key figures in Taiwan wiretapping scandal answer prosecutor’s questions: The Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office interrogated President Ma Ying-jeou, Prosecutor-General Huang Shih-ming, Premier Jiang Yi-huah, and former Presidential Office deputy secretary-general Lo Chih-chang. Huang “has been listed as a defendant in the investigation” (Taipei Times). Huang (and Ma) are also defendants in a lawsuit filed by the victim of the wiretapping, opposition lawmaker Ker Chien-ming (Taipei Times).

Gordon Chang uses history of West caving in to CCP’s Korean colony as a warning regarding talks with Iranian mullahcracy, which makes perfect sense, given that Tehran is also the Chinese Communists’ strongest ally and biggest arms customer in the Middle East.