Top Story – Chinese Communist Boss Xi Jinping makes hay of Obama’s absence at APEC: Whatever one thinks of the funding arguments in Washington, they have given the Xi the chance to gloat and reach out to his neighbors (Washington Post). Of course, he avoided discussing the aggressive behavior of his regime in territorial disputes with nearly everyone who was there, so I doubt he’ll make much progress.

Daughter of Li Ping fingered in insurance deal: Li Xiaolin brokered a deal between Zurich Insurance and her cronies in Communist China’s insurance industry for “a hugely lucrative stake in a major Chinese insurance company at a time when foreign firms were barred from investing in the sector” (Telegraph). Two of the cronies are now suing each other over the money, which one side flatly called “an under-the-table deal … bribery.” Li’s father, Li Peng, was Premier in Communist China during the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, and he sent in the tanks to crush them, under orders from Central Military Commission Chair Deng Xiaoping.

Another crackdown ordered on dissidents in Communist China: The latest campaign against freedom comes on the eve of a major Communist get-together in Beijing (Epoch Times).

Investment costs rising in Communist China: Foreigners are beginning to notice the uptick in labor costs (Washington Times), which is increasingly making the usual corruption costs untenable.

Taiwan protests mark ROC founding anniversary: Known as the Double Ten, the 10th of October is usually a day for celebrating resistance to Communism and, recently, the transition to democracy. This year, however, the predominant feeling was anger at President Ma Ying-jeou (Taipei Times)

Other Taiwan News today included a call for the opposition Democratic Progressive Party to prepare for power (Taipei Times), and another economist criticizing the proposed cross-straits services deal with the mainland (Taipei Times).