Top Story – Communist China calls for a “de-Americanized” world…while giving dark hints about how that world will look: On the surface, the Xinhua editorial scathing Washington and calling “for the befuddled world to start considering building a de-Americanized world” (Taipei Times) is just the usual claptrap from the Chinese Communist Party. However, it also comes on the heels of various events that reveal the problems with such a world: things like Zhongnanhai bullying Europe into towing the CCP line on Taiwan (Taipei Times), the regime rebuffing an American doctor looking to visit an imprisoned dissident (Washington Post), a wave of “princelings” (Taipei Times), and the United Kingdom throwing open its doors to regime-run firms (Telegraph).

Speaking of Taiwan, President Ma Ying-jeou continues to lose friends and alienate people (Taipei Times), but the island democracy itself still has a number of friends in America (Taipei Times), which might be the real reason for the CCP’s De-Americanization rant. Meanwhile, the mainland regime makes a new demand in cross-strait relations: the ability to blackball Taiwanese press that it doesn’t like (Epoch Times).

Communist boss Xi Jinping upping propaganda with criticism of Gorbachev: The last Soviet Communist leader is coming under scathing criticism from within the CCP – an effort led by Xi himself (Epoch Times).

Spain to try Hu Jintao for Tibet massacre: While one can certainly hold differing opinions about Spain’s jurisdictional limits, sympathy for the defendant – the former Communist boss who also had the Hanyuan County incident occur on his watch – will not be coming from this quarter. Report: Epoch Times

Medicalization of dissent in Communist China continues: For the uninitiated, “medicalization” refers to the tyrannical practice of sending dissidents to mental hospitals for forced treatment. A common practice under European Communism, it is also prevalent in Communist China – “so common it has a name: ‘getting mentally illed'” (Epoch Times).

“Grey income” tops $100 billion in 2011: In other words, about 1/8 of GDP in Communist China was siphoned off as corrupt gains by CCP members (Epoch Times).

On the CCP’s Korean colony: Seth M. M. Stodder (Epoch Times) recounts the Panama incident. Meanwhile, One Free Korea covers the latest in the Viceroy’s propaganda, his regime’s death threats against South Korea politicians he doesn’t like, the collapse of the “perestroika” nonsense, and a lot more.