Top Story – As Communist China builds an economic empire in Central Asia, African nations are growing more fed up with the regime: This Washington Post story about the Chinese Communist Party’s growing influence in Central Asia has had counterpart tales in Africa for years. However, Africa is well ahead of Central Asia in this minuet with the CCP, and as Adam Nossiter (New York Times) is reporting, the bloom is definitely off the rose:

In Niger, government officials have fought a Chinese oil giant step by step, painfully undoing parts of a contract they call ruinous. In neighboring Chad, they have been even more forceful, shutting down the Chinese and accusing them of gross environmental negligence. In Gabon, they have seized major oil tracts from China, handing them over to the state company.

China wants Africa’s oil as much as ever. But instead of accepting the old terms, which many African officials call unconditional surrender, some cash-starved African states are pushing back, showing an assertiveness unthinkable until recently and suggesting that the days of unbridled influence by the African continent’s mega-investor may be waning.

Africa is clearly tiring of the CCP’s neo-colonialism. Perhaps some of them should pay a call to the Brits, who seem all too eager to play supplicant (Telegraph).

Communist China claims chunks of Indian territory – again: This time, the claim came in the form of visas given Indians in Arunachal Pradesh – parts of which the regime claims as its own. Report: Epoch Times

About the “De-Americanization”: Ambrose Evans-Pritchard looks at the CCP’s voracious appetite for US Treasury notes and decides that the Party’s recent comments on America are bunk (Telegraph). AEP also takes note of the economic troubles facing the regime, an example of which can be found in the Epoch Times.

Frustrated appellant attempts suicide in front of Zhongnanhai: The woman “had gone to Beijing to petition for her brother and sister-in-law regarding employment difficulties” (Epoch Times). From there…

she was forced into a car, stripped by security officers of her clothes, and then returned to her home county, denied of food, water, and clothing for the entire 20-hour drive

Local cadres promptly jailed her for a year.

Communist China’s enforcers not happy, then again, neither are their victims: The regime’s police force – the fellows responsible for the above story and numerous other abuses (Epoch Times) –  are themselves not happy in their jobs, due in part to mass corruption at the top (Epoch Times).

As Washington follows old, failed strategies, the CCP’s Korean colony uses prisoners for chemical weapons tests: I fully share One Free Korea‘s frustrations over the Obama Administration deciding that Bush really had it right after all on talking with the Viceroy, all the more because of this Telegraph report (via National Post) on the regime “using political prisoners held in its extensive gulag network as subjects for chemical weapons tests.”