Top Story – Communist Chinese military could conquer Taiwan by 2020: The statement comes straight out of the latest white paper from the Taiwanese military, which states “that the PLA may be able to successfully invade the nation by 2020 if current military and security trends continue” (Taipei Times). Among those trends is “the steady modernization of the PLA, including its expanding portfolio of anti-access/area denial capabilities” which would make it far more difficult for the United States to come to the island democracy’s defense. Another weakness not addressed in the paper – espionage – became clear when two Taiwanese generals faced charges of spying (Taipei Times). Meanwhile, the PLA (or “People’s Liberation Army,” as the Communist military calls itself) conducted drills specifically aimed at conquering Taiwan itself (Washington Times).

As it happens, Taiwan’s political opposition (the Democratic Progressives) spent the day talking about its own policies toward Communist China. The focus was on reaching out to mainland dissidents (Taipei Times).

Lenovo eyeing Blackberry takeover: The Communist Chinese IT firm has asked to examine Blackberry’s books (Financial Post) – a clear sign that they are interested in the Canadian firm. If Lenovo were to make an offer, the sale would need approval from Ottawa. Lenovo is currently frozen out of top secret systems in the “Five Eyes Alliance” (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States), but Blackberry is still a major phone provider to the US military.

Other International News: Matthew Robertson (Epoch Times) examines Great Britain’s slavishness towards the CCP. Gordon Chang endorses Spain’s indictment of Hu Jintao for his brutality in Tibet.

On Violence and Corruption in Communist China: Jia Zhangke talks to Macleans about his new film – detailing accounts of angry Chinese who take matters into their own hands against corupt cadres. As it happens, the latest incident of cadres ignoring the people (and paying for it) is playing out in Yuyao, Zhejiang (Epoch Times).

Internet censors continue to be hired despite budget crunch: Because in Communist China, maintaining the iron grip of tyranny is worthy deficit spending (He Qinglian – Epoch Times).

In their own words…defectors from the Korean colony talk to Der Speigel. Their tales of woe are harrowing; not just themselves, but those left behind in northern Korea and escapees hiding in Communist China for fear of being sent back as well.