Top Story: Peking University professor fired for opposition to CCP tyranny: Xia Yeliang, an economist at the university, “had called for more public discussion of political reform…signed a petition demanding far-reaching ­changes to China’s single-party, authoritarian Communist rule…and criticized Chinese President Xi Jinping’s favorite new catchphrase about promoting a new ‘China Dream'” (Washington Post). The firing upset a number of American scholars whose universities have ties to Peking U, but those ties are keeping them from doing anything about it (another example of the Long Arm of Lawlessness).

Other human rights news: A lawyer for Falun Gong practitioners becomes a prisoner himself (Epoch Times), but that doesn’t stop the regime from trying to join the United Nations Human Rights Council (Epoch Times).

Northeastern provinces blanketed in suffocating smog: The worst of it was in Harbin, capital of Heilongjiang Province, but the entire province suffered, “along with nearby Jilin and Liaoning” (Epoch Times). The three northeastern provinces are among the most tyrannical and corrupt in Communist China.

Communist military looking for electronic edge over US: The so-called People’s Liberation Army “is pushing for electronic warfare systems that would disable or destroy” America’s military technology (Epoch Times).

Taiwan gangster offers security for President Ma: Chang An-le escaped to Communist China in 1996 rather than face criminal charges on the island. He’s back, with a new political party largely on the “blue” side (backing the Kuomintang, President Ma Ying-jeou, and their coziness with the CCP) and an offer of “protection.” The opposition Democratic Progressives were not pleased with the idea.

Other Taiwanese news: The KMT insists it will be “economics first, politics later” in its upcoming meeting with the CCP (Taipei Times). Meanwhile, the island’s Tourism Bureau just happened to issue a new order banning Falun Gong posters and billboards. The Bureau called it a “rookie mistake” from a new employee (Taipei Times).

News from the CCP’s Korean colony: One Free Korea gives us the latest, topped with a call not to pay ransom for those abducted by the Viceroy (and while it hurts to say, he’s right). OFK is also enjoying the hiccups surrounding the reopening of Kaesong.