Top Story – Prominent financial analyst in Beijing predicts collapse of the Chinese Communist regime: Niu Dao has warned that the real estate bubble in Communist China “is even bigger than Japan’s bubble was” back in the 1990s (Epoch Times), and when it bursts, “it won’t be an issue of a change of prime minister, but rather the fall of the regime.” Niu made his warnings in an article “which was deleted from the website Sina shortly after it was published.” I’ll bet it was.

Remember my Three Rules on Corruption in Communist China? Well, this profile of Hu Shuli in the Epoch Times is a good explanation of how they explain the current supposed crackdown on graft in the Chinese Communist Party.

Regime goes after Starbucks, leading the people to…defend Starbucks: The latest attempt by the CCP to find a scapegoat backfires spectacularly. Report: Epoch Times

Governor-General of Canada visits Communist China, and makes it abundantly clear that he is drunk on the Kool-Aid. Report: Ottawa Citizen via The Province