Top Story – Taiwanese professors protest Xia firing: Professors at National Taiwan University “spoke out against Peking University’s decision to dismiss a professor in its economics department, Xia Yeliang” (Taipei Times). Xia was fired for his opposition to the the tyrannical Chinese Communist regime.

President Ma Ying-jeou says political issues will come up in cross-strait talks: The embattled president of Taiwan insisted that economic matters will be more important in talk with the Chinese Communist regime on the mainland, but “we do not avoid sensitive political issues intentionally” (Taipei Times).

Former US Ambassador to Canada sounds the alarm about Communist Chinese interest in Alberta oil: David Wilkins made the warning as an argument for the Keystone XL pipeline, which would send the oil from Alberta to the US. Communist China has already invested heavily in Albertan oil. Report: Washington Times

On the Communist regime’s battle with the free press: Matthew Robertson (Epoch Times) examines how the CCP fights to control the press at home and abroad, with a special emphasis on Africa.

On the Dagong “rating agency”: As one would expect, it’s just another arm of the Communist regime (Epoch Times).