Top Story – Major Communist-owned banks write off loans…and employees: The largest banks in Communist China – all of them owned by the regime itself – “wrote down bad loans to the tune of 22.1 billion yuan ($3.65 billion) in the first half of the year” (Epoch Times). That’s nearly three times the size of last year’s write-off, and a clear sign that the economy is headed for trouble. The banks have also responded to bad times by slashing staff – thousands of fired employee took to the streets in protest (Epoch Times).

Communist land seizures get bigger and bloodier: In Guangdong, villagers by the thousands flooded the capital with demands for justice after losing their land to “sales” by the regime (Epoch Times). Normally, the cadres can simply transfer land rights by fiat (the regime owns the land), but in this province, they went the extra mile:

Residents said that the officials secretly sold or transferred ownership of mountain property, beaches, and farmland, forged villagers’ signatures, and secretly signed a contract for logging forest land.

Of course, the cadres promised an investigation “with no results.” Then again, that was better than what villagers in Fujian faced (Epoch Times):

A mob 200 hundred strong, made up of the urban administrative law police known as Chengguan, who specialize in brutal control methods, riot police, regular police, and 70-80 out-of-town hired thugs descended on Wudu, a village in the town of Nanyu, within the city limits of Fuzhou, the capital of southern China’s Fujian Province.

They surrounded a villager’s house as its forced demolition began. Villagers at the site were attacked by the Chengguan and their hired goons; at least 10 people were severely beaten.

At some point the Deputy Mayor of Nanyu is said to have ordered that the villagers be beaten to death, and then have their bodies removed immediately. Those villagers, who were already lying on the ground after having been severely beaten, were then beaten again.

Ambulances arrived at the scene, but the Deputy Mayor would not allow them to help the injured.

Such are the priorities of the Chinese Communist Party.

Dissident writer back in jail as cadres ransack his home: Lu Gengsong is described by the Epoch Times as a “writer and advocate for political reform and democracy in China.” So, of course, the Communists have to harass him whenever possible. Stuff like this continues to get the regime attention it does not like (Epoch Times), but not nearly enough.

Communist Navy conducts massive exercise amid plans to militarize South Pole: The October 17 drill was the regime’s “largest ever naval exercise” (Epoch Times), although a Communist General insisted the drills “do not target any third parties” – cold comfort to the neighbors who are disputed the cadres’ ever increasing territorial claims, claims which now might even include Antarctica (Voice of Russia via Spacewar).

Newest pet food problem – jerky from Communist China killing American dogs: The source of the ailment is not yet known. Report: Epoch Times

Hong Kong News: Zhu Li (Epoch Times) has an uplifting story on how a prosecutor in the city went from a human rights scourge to its champion. Meanwhile, the rest of the city regime trains its CCP-enabling eye on the television industry (Epoch Times).

Taiwan wiretapping scandal expanded to 15 victims: Next magazine “reported that the telephone calls of 13 former and sitting lawmakers had been tapped, in addition to those of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) legislative caucus whip Ker Chien-ming and former DPP legislator Tang Bi-a, whose cases had already been disclosed” (Taipei Times). Even members of the ruling Kuomintang Party were swept up in the tapping.

Is the Korean colony planning another nuclear test? Satellite photos detected activity that “suggests that the rogue communist nation is preparing to conduct another illegal atomic weapons blast”. Report: Washington Times