Top Story – Japanese military doing its own drills for fighting off Communist Chinese invaders: Japan’s Self-Defense Forces “are forging a capability for amphibious operations intended for the defense of the chain of islands that stretch from southern Japan almost to Taiwan” (Taipei Times). Defense in this case includes “driving the Chinese off if they get there first.” Among the activities are amphibious exercises conducted in California.

Concern growing over Communist Chinese influence on Taiwan: As the presidency of Ma Ying-jeou careens toward its 2016 end, there is growing concern that his Kuomintang Party will continue to cozy up to the mainland Communists, with disastrous results for the people (Taipei Times). Exiled dissident Yuan Hongbing noted the precedent of Tibet as he warned the Taiwanese people to steer well clear of Zhongnanhai (Taipei Times). Meanwhile, the cross-straits services deal continues to languish (rightly so) as the smaller “pan-green” party (Taiwan Solidarity Union) took aim at it (Taipei Times).

Western politicians speak out on Communist China’s human rights abuses: Former Canadian parliamentarian David Kilgour spoke in Toronto (Epoch Times) while current Congressman Dana Rohrbacher addressed a rally in Long Beach, California (Epoch Times).

Fareed Zakaria spared Idiotic Comment of the Day, barely: At first, when I saw this from the Washington Post columnist on Xi Jinping et al

More surprisingly to many, the new leadership has begun a sweeping crackdown on dissent.

…I was certain to hand him the dubious honor. After some thought, though, I realized he was attributing that “surprise” to others. Moreover, he did seem to get the Three Rules on Corruption. So I decided to spare him, but it was close.