Top Story – Communist regime’s human rights abuses getting more attention: The Chinese Communist Party’s brutal treatment of the Chinese people has long been a concern for human rights activists (Washington Post). Now, it’s beginning to get the attention of those watching the economy in Communist China, since the need for innovation and growth is heavily dependent upon genuine freedom (Telegraph, UK).

Unfortunately, the regime doesn’t seem to get the message, what with newspapers forced to accept its reporters being jailed and protesters disappearing after meeting police (Epoch Times). The regime can’t even allow unvarnished reporting of car crashes these days (Epoch Times, Washington Post, and Washington Times). Their excuses are getting more inventive, though; they now claim political freedom will “confuse” people (Epoch Times).

Regime tries new tactic to get people off land to be seized – hire relatives to the bulldozing squad: I wish I were kidding. Report: Epoch Times

Lookout Communist China; India’s looking to compete in Africa, and unlike the Communist regime, India doesn’t have any neo-colonialist history on the continent. Report: The Economist

Other International News: With Bo Xilai disgraced and imprisoned, “engagement” backers in Canada need a new friend (Globe and Mail, Canada). Sadly, they’re getting very busy on that (Globe and Mail).

On the erosion of “one country, two systems”: Most of us in the anti-Communist community were skeptical of the “one country, two systems” nonsense the regime spouted for Hong Kong. The regime increasingly proves us right (Epoch Times).

Kuomintang joins CCP in wanting cross-straits service deal: The ruling party on the island democracy is clearly hoping another endorsement from the CCP would help. Heaven knows why (Taipei Times).

On the CCP’s Korean colony: One Free Korea sees bad news in Malaysia, but good news in…the news.