Top Story – Japan promises to shoot down Communist Chinese drones if they fly over the Senkakus: Japan’s Prime Minister “gave orders to the Defense Ministry to shoot down any foreign drones that ignore warnings to leave Japanese airspace” (Epoch Times). For Japan, that includes the Senkaku Islands, but the Chinese Communist regime has said knocking down a drone over the Senkakus would be “an act of war.”

Communist Chinese regime reveals its nuclear submarine fleet: The show of naval force was clearly aimed at the aforementioned Japanese, but as noted by the Epoch Times, the Philippines has recently been standing up to CCP aggression lately. Also reporting: Washington Times

Taiwanese opposition wants to keep Huawei out of government IT, and National Security Bureau agrees: NSB Director Tsai De-shang promised the legislature’s National Defense Committee that he would “support a policy to bar the use of 4G telecommunication equipment manufactured by China’s Huawei Technologies Co. in Taiwan” (Central news Agency via Focus Taiwan). The Committee passed a resolution to that effect, a resolution sponsored by members of the opposition Democratic Progressive Party. Also reporting: Taipei Times

Kuomintang-CCP pushing closer ties, but opposition is not happy: The ruling parties in Zhongnanhai and Taipei are still pushing closer ties (Taipei Times), despite the latter’s growing unpopularity (Taipei Times).

Other Taiwan News: The Legislature ratifies a free-trade deal with New Zealand (Taipei Times). Calls continue for the government’s wiretapping to stop (Taipei Times). Eric Chiou sounds the alarm about the island democracy’s military readiness (Taipei Times).

Other International News: Congressman Christopher Smith (R-NJ) calls on the Chinese Communist regime to free Guo Feixiong (Epoch Times). The Long Arm of Lawlessness aims at a leading Uighur exile (Epoch Times).

Communist regime tries satellite dish installers in secret, unlike Bo Xilai trial: The regime clearly doesn’t want the trial of folks who just wanted outside information to go public (Epoch Times). Then again, after the Bo Xilai trial didn’t quite follow the script (National Post), Zhongnanhai is taking no chances.

On the firing of Xia Yeliang: He Qinglian, the Epoch Times columnist and economist-turned-dissident-turned-exile, pans the dismissal, and the regime that continues to place complete control over academic excellence.

Hong Kong residents want answers to TV license cancellation: The decision to take Hong Kong Television (HKTV) off the air smacks of political interference to the pro-democracy movement in the city. Report: Epoch Times

News on the CCP’s Korean Colony: One Free Korea sees yet another attempt at talks with the Viceroy on the horizon, and gives it a well-deserved rhetorical 2×4. OFK also takes aim at one of the Viceroy’s favorite visitors – Dennis Rodman.