Top Story – Communist Chinese regime outraged that US is spying on them: Yeah, I was laughing as I typed it, but the regime is going through the motions of shock and demands for answers after reports that the Australia was using its embassies to aid in American surveillance of terrorists and others (Washington Times). Australia’s consulate in Taipei was also involved (Taipei Times). The regime apparently prefers using conferences for its espionage (Epoch Times).

Speaking of Australia, its recent change in government may have led the Chinese Communist Party to think the ban on Huawei for the National Broadband Network would be lifted. No such luck (Australian).

More Taiwan News: Congressman Randy Forbes (R-VA) calls for the US to provide greater support to Taiwan’s military (Taipei Times). Apple’s new iOS7 (which the future Mrs. China e-Lobby can’t stand) falls for the CCP line on Taiwan “as another province” (Epoch Times).

More on Communist China and the United States: Stephen Mosher of the Population Research Institute discusses the regime’s ambitions, and how America gets in the way. Sushil Seth sees some financial hurdles for the regime (Taipei Times).

Communist regime propaganda effort goes horribly wrong: The only line you need from the Washington Times piece is this: “…the missing half of one man’s body and the bizarre doll-like appearance of the elderly subject sent a different message: epic Photoshop failure.” Ouch!

Communist regime fires village chiefs in Qinghai: The three leaders took part in a protest against the regime. Report: Epoch Times

News from the CCP’s Korean colony: The Viceroy is recruiting internet trolls and putting malware in online games on porn – not quite the Zhongnanhai way of cyberwar (One Free Korea).