Top Story – Communist Chinese military documentary labels US as the enemy: The film, produced by the regime’s National Defense University, “says that the United States has for decades been attempting to subvert China and bring down the Communist Party” (Epoch Times). Of course, the regime itself has also been busy challenging the US, particularly in military terms (Washington Times), yet most of American media continues not to notice (Weekly Standard).

Yet wealthy Chinese need America for children: In order to get around the hideous “one child” policy, “are increasingly using the services of American surrogate mothers” (Epoch Times).

Another land seizure causes protests: This one occurred in Jincheng, Yunnan, where 12 hectares of farmland were seized by local cadres to build a tourist trap. When locals protested, police came in with tear gas; the locals responded by “smashing more than 30 police vehicles” (Epoch Times).

Who is Ma Ying-jeou? Ethan Epstein (Weekly Standard) attempts to make the case that Ma is a badly misunderstood politician looking to advance Taiwan’s interest. The fellows at the Taipei Times makes a stronger case that Ma has grown too cozy with the CCP. Voters in the island democracy seems to agree with the latter (Taipei Times).

Other Taiwan News: Ma showcased the new military strength of the P-3C (Taipei Times). Outside experts say the Taiwanese military needs a lot more (Taipei Times). Finally, Apple stops referring to the island democracy as a Chinese province (Taipei Times).